The Building



Palazzo Albertoni Spinola has a very special history. 

It is an ancient historic building that is part of Piazza Campitelli's complex of monuments. Commissioned by the Albertoni family, construction was started by Giacomo Della Porta and completed by Girolamo Rainaldi in the first decade of the seventeenth century in an area where the noble Roman family already owned some houses that were demolished to accommodate the new building. It remained property of the Albertoni family until 1669 when the family name ended and the heirs became the Altieri. However, Prince Paluzzo Altieri later sold the building to Emanuele Godoy, Prince of Peace. In the nineteenth century, the building was inhabited by the Cardinals Bartolomeo Pacca and Giacomo Piccolomini. The imposing façade has three floors, each having nine windows, with a nineteenth century cant above the cornice, adorned with the Albertoni heraldic lions passant and roes.